Friday, April 22, 2016

Marriage Weather Report: Mostly Sunny

Life is Good: fifteen years later

It's been a rainy, dreary, grey day in Minnesota today.
But fifteen years ago, on a little island off the coast of Georgia, the sky was bright with sunshine as well as excitement and hope.

Many people talk about having a "fairy tale wedding" with an eye roll, but ours was pretty close to that (thanks, mom and dad!). Several of our closest friends and family flew to Florida and drove to Georgia (thank you!) for a long weekend of community and sharing, laughter and dancing, good food and...a wedding.

The "fairy tale" included riding on a real ferry called the Cumberland Princess and after saying our vows, all 45 of us walking down a cobblestone street to the waves, cheers, applause, and yes, honks of passersby. It was a sunshine-filled day where (almost) everything went right.

In fifteen years, there have been many, many sunshine-filled days where (almost) everything went right. And there have been some rainy, dreary, grey days as well. I'd like to say that Grant and I have figured it all out and have nothing but sunshine year-round. I'd like to say that this opposite personalities, extrovert & introvert, yin and yang thing we have going on is always perfectly balanced. But it's not. It can come in handy, it has been helpful, and for sure, it has definitely been a blessing more times than I can count. But also, it can be a stumbling block and even a giant pain in the...neck. ; )

What I can say for certain is that, through mostly sunshine and a bit of rain, we have made it through with our feet firmly planted on the same path using our faith and shared values as our compass. For fifteen years. FIFTEEN years. And counting.

And lucky for us (and by the Grace of God), we have three giant rays of sunshine that help keep us focused on the path, help us see past the storms, make the sunshine-filled days all the more laughter-infused and delightful, and the grey days not so dark.

So here's to being on the path together no matter what the weather. Here's to many more sunshine-filled days than not. Here's to weathering life's storms side by side. Here's to fifteen years times fifteen years times fifteen years and more.

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