Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Jesus and Germs Everywhere!

Life is Good: we may have germs, but we have Jesus, too!

I stole this from my dear, wonderful friend, Karmin. I had, too. It is perfect. Per. Fect.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Top picks on Pinterest

Life is Good: so relax

I know my post the other day was pretty heavy. So here's a light one! Here's what I've been pinning on Pinterest:
This photo is giving me major bathroom envy! I can't decide if herringbone is going to look classic in ten years or trendy. Herringbone is a true classic, but we've all gone a bit nutty using it on everything (and its cousin, the chevron), so that's what leaves me uncertain. I still am just crazy about this backdrop!

And I must must must put this on my to do list! What an awesome keepsake. The tasks at hand are choosing which one of the 1,916 drawings my kids make each day to use!

CHORES are on my mind this week! I'm starting to feel like our Big Kid and Little Kid need more responsibilities. I love this chore chart!

I still have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. I love to look at it when I'm trying to fall asleep! (I know, no screens is the best way to fall asleep. I know! I know!) But I hate the idea of people ripping off other people's unique creations. As a creative person who gets paid to be creative AND who has had my unique thoughts & ideas ripped off, I am super sensitive to this sort of thing. And just because it is on Pinterest does not mean that the originator put it there or wants for you to copy it. I guess my biggest beef with Pinterest is that I wish that people knew how to use it AND speak about it. For example, if you got an idea off of Pinterest and you duplicated it exactly using someone else's ideas & directions, you are not being creative. Thrifty, industrious, and many other things, yes! But not creative. Someone else was creative for you. Which is OKAY! Just give credit where credit is due.
Speaking of...
I don't say a lot of poetic things, so I love reading other people's great words! Like this:

And this:

Happy pinning!