Saturday, June 18, 2016

Inspirational Thornton Wilder Quote

Life is Good: and inspiring

I am a keeper of things. I guess that's a nice way of saying pack rat or hoarder? Gasp! 

Truly, I am a sentimental sap.
I've started trying to separate feelings from "things" in the last few years and am proud to say that I now take photos of the lesser special of the specialist things (i.e. every scribble my children ever scribbles) and then throw them in the (she whispers) trash. 

But, this, I hung on to and kept it in a drawer as a reminder. 

On its own, it is a great reminder to be grateful and aware. Good inspiration, indeed.
And then there is the back side. 

Precious words from a sweet friend. I love the quote on the front, but when I turned it over, I felt a warm hug from a friend all the way in South Minneapolis (or quite possibly at their cabin up North this weekend!). 

We all need to feel loved and special once in a while, right? Don't we all need to hear that we're liked, loved, beloved, cherished, treasured? Okay, that's probably just me! I have ALWAYS needed to know how people feel about me. ALWAYS! Ever since I can remember. On a daily basis! And I've aways needed to tell people how I feel about them. But, oh gosh, that is another post! ha!

This little note was more than a hug from a friend. It was a reminder to spread that love. So I will text a few wonderful people I know, I will attempt to call a few wonderful people this week, and I will put writing one hand-written note to one person on my (infinite) to-do list. I challenge you to do the same. There's so much hurt in the world right now. But peace begins with you and me. It sounds sappy, but it's true. So let's show each other some love and let it grow out from us in waves. 

And, for you, my dear Michelle, it's no cliche. I cherish your friendship, too. (See you Monday!) 

And if you're reading this, I cherish you, too. I love getting your emails and comments to let me know that you like a quote I found or laughed at my blathering. And that somebody besides my mom reads this blog once in a while. Ha! (BTW, Mom, I cherish & treasure you more than those words can ever express.)

"We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures." (Thornton Wilder) And I treasure you. I do. YOU are a treasure. 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Last Day of 2nd Grade

Life is Good: and speeding along

If you want to get a bit teary, walk your Big Kid to his last day of 2nd grade and then, when you get home, sort through the pile of junk that he pulled out of his backpack right before you walked out the door this morning. You will find a file of letters that his teacher had each student write to each other over the past year. You will get confirmation that your child is a great friend, good at sports, is helpful and funny, and has a great "laff" among other lovely things. You will feel happy that your child is liked by his classmates, you will giggle at some of the darling comments ("I don't have a pet. It's torchur."), and you will breathe a sigh of relief that moving your child to a new school in a new area of the city worked out really well. And he's really okay. It's really okay. It all worked out. Really. Then, you will say lots of praises to God, a prayer of gratitude, and your eyes will get a bit wet. 

And then, your four-year old Little Kid will walk into the room wearing a platinum blonde (lady's) wig that you wore for Halloween one year before kids (now a dress up bin castoff) and declare that he is a "hairy dog" and you will laugh all the way from your belly while you say another prayer of thanks.

These kids keep growing, life keeps speeding by. Luckily, we have these incredible moments of letter writing and costume wearing and well, there's more, but the Littlest One just pulled out every sock, shoe, and blanket he owns out of the drawers so...gotta run! 18-month olds don't have time for sentimentality! Life is zooming...enjoy!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Games for Toddlers

Life is Good: our one-year old is occupied (for the moment)

Holy moly! I forgot how busy a one-year-old can be!
By 8 o'clock this morning, our littlest had read every book, hugged every stuffed animal, built every block we have. He had zoomed and vroomed and crashed every car, boat, and bus.
He had pulled out every single plastic cup we own.
He had climbed the couch no less than one hundred seventeen times.
He had colored with crayons, decorated paper (and himself) with markers, and had two breakfasts and a snack.
He was making our demanding, I mean, "spirited" four-year old look like the definition of patience. And speaking of patience, mine was dissipating.
As I was putting every piece of Tupperware known to man back in a drawer, I remembered a little gem that I had made for the Big Kid and then, the Little Kid when they were about one.

I grabbed the affectionately aforementioned (wink) Tupperware and cut a hole in the lid. The Little Kid was making a puppet and I found some pom poms in one of the craft containers.

This little 5-second DIY project kept our little dude busy for half an hour.

Half. An. Hour.

Happy Friday!