Friday, June 3, 2016

Games for Toddlers

Life is Good: our one-year old is occupied (for the moment)

Holy moly! I forgot how busy a one-year-old can be!
By 8 o'clock this morning, our littlest had read every book, hugged every stuffed animal, built every block we have. He had zoomed and vroomed and crashed every car, boat, and bus.
He had pulled out every single plastic cup we own.
He had climbed the couch no less than one hundred seventeen times.
He had colored with crayons, decorated paper (and himself) with markers, and had two breakfasts and a snack.
He was making our demanding, I mean, "spirited" four-year old look like the definition of patience. And speaking of patience, mine was dissipating.
As I was putting every piece of Tupperware known to man back in a drawer, I remembered a little gem that I had made for the Big Kid and then, the Little Kid when they were about one.

I grabbed the affectionately aforementioned (wink) Tupperware and cut a hole in the lid. The Little Kid was making a puppet and I found some pom poms in one of the craft containers.

This little 5-second DIY project kept our little dude busy for half an hour.

Half. An. Hour.

Happy Friday!

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