Friday, July 19, 2013

Birthday cakes for boys

Life is Good: it's the little one's birthday!

Captain's Log 07.19.13
My co-pilot is at his day job and the rest of the crew are in their quarters for napping or at least quiet time.

And here I sit with a baked cake before me. No frosting. Completely naked. Staring at me. And I wonder, "how do I get myself into these things?" And also, "why didn't I just make a round, two-layer cake and call it a birthday?"

But no, I have baked 4 cakes. And then whittled them down to a shape that may (or may not) look like a music note. And now, they need to be frosted. They demand to be frosted. And it is in this moment that I truly understand how four little words can bring my grown up, six-foot-two husband to his knees to cry. Those four small words uttered from my lips, "I have an idea."

Oh, yes. I had an idea. The little one loves music. I mean he loves music! So of course, a musical note birthday cake is perfect for him. And I am just silly enough to think that I was the woman for the job. It was so clear and simple in my head.

So now the birthday cake taunts me in a Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry kind of voice. "Go ahead," it says, "make my frosting."

And so I will. I will march myself into the kitchen, make my Grandma's frosting, say a little prayer, and show that piece of cake who's the mama around here.

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