Tuesday, February 18, 2014

School Rules

Life is Good: and entertaining

The big kid and I have a little ritual each day when he comes home from school. We unpeel our numerous layers (oh, can this winter be over yet???) and then we sit down at the dining room table. While he eats a snack, I go through his take home folder and we talk about school. I love the way he describes some of the work he does. And he never misses a detail in reflecting on his classmates. "So and so said the "s word"." (The "s word" is "stupid", I discovered with relief! Relief that the "s word" is not a four-letter word and relief that he still knows that "stupid" is not a word to say aloud. What an awful word.) He goes on to tell me that "so and so likes to talk about 'Pokemans' a lot", etc.

Our chats can be informative, enlightening, heartwarming and even a bit hysterical.  Today, he mentioned someone who just can't follow the class or school rules so I asked him to tell me about the rules at school. I had the laptop within reach, so I typed away and this is what he said:


No head bombs, face bashes, head dives, or going so fast like a skateboard crashing into people

No hitting or kicking or pushing or chest pushing

Say please and thank you

Raise your hand

Ask permission to ring the bell to say "it's the end of play time" or "it's the end of Science class"

We eat lunch at 6:45, I think. Or maybe 7:09

No screeching, no yelping, no yapping

No talking in the halls. Other classrooms might be learning something, so you need to be quiet.

If you bring a dog, don't poke it with a fork


No bringing hammers and nails and nailing things in the wall

I agree

No talking around lunch

No goofing around at lunch

Having boyfriends and girlfriends is not allowed. (A girl in his class said so. Her dad must have told her this!)

Raise your hand. Hands and feet to yourself. Sit up nice and tall.

And finally...

You should never keep butter in your hat.

Oh, this kid! He keeps us smiling. The "butter in your hat" line was all for my entertainment. He said it with a grin that showed off his dimple. I love how silly our children are. It makes me feel so blessed. I pray that they will never take themselves too seriously and always stop to giggle. These qualities can serve a person well in life.

Today, I opened his lunch box to see that he had eaten everything in it. I was so surprised. I pack a lot into his lunch bag each day, so he usually has leftovers. I asked him if he was especially hungry or if I just happened to pack all of his favorite foods? Nope. "I usually don't have time to eat everything because I have to talk to my friends. Today, I decided I didn't have to make them laugh so much or tell them about things, so I had more time to eat."

You can't make this stuff up folks. And you can't blame it on his daddy either. Feeling the need to chat your friends up is all on mama. Oh, sheesh!

And after I wrote this, I felt this graphic was appropos...

Happy Wednesday!

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