Saturday, August 13, 2016

Kid's Birthday Pizza Party Decor

Life is Good: there's pizza everywhere!

If you managed through my post about the Little Kid's 5th birthday pizza party, then you know that it was a teensy long. Lots of fun was going on! 

The Little Kid was specific. He wanted everything to be GREEN. So here's what I did for decor:

As always, our front porch was adorned with our happy sign. I added our little chalkboard sign with a FIVE! and my homemade garland draped across the front.

Inside, Happy Birthday banners were draped all around. We used balloon tape to make a giant green "5" out of balloons.

Okay, our Little Kid thought it was an "S" for "have a super birthday!" Whatevs!

It was raining outside (which ruined our obstacle course fun) but these garlands still looked cheerful. And GREEN!

The party table was draped with GREEN gingham from Joann Fabrics and adorned with the paper chef hats I made, the goody bag chef aprons, and arts & crafts materials to make puppets, door hangers, and other masterpieces.

I used my outdoor melamine plates plus some paper goods. Of course, all green, green, GREEN!

On the long wall in our dining room, I hung a piece of white butcher paper with "Pizzeria T's" written on it and lines through it as if window panels plus green and white tablecloths to create a faux restaurant window with curtains.

I covered our buffet with green tablecloths, too. It was really cute to see the reactions of the kids to the "restaurant window". They all asked, "How did you do that?" (And a couple of them asked, "WHY did you do that?" I wanted to tell them it was because I am nutty about birthday parties, but instead, I just told them "for fun".)

I made a pizza slice pennant garland for the kitchen. I cut out triangles of tan felt (crust) and then yellow felt "cheese", green felt green peppers and olives, red felt pepperoni circles, and white felt mushrooms.

I hot glued everything together and draped it across my kitchen cabinets for a fun backdrop to pizza making.

Then I went to Target and discovered this...

And then I WANTED TO SCREAMMMMMMMM! When I mentioned to Grant later that night that I was so annoyed that I didn't discover the Target banner sooner and save myself some time making one, our Little Kid said, "Don't worry, mommy. Yours is better. Yours is made with a secret ingredient. LOVE."

And after all, this is why I do all of this silly stuff. It's for the kids. For the moment. For the memory. Every mom is different (and I celebrate that, truly.). These kids' of ours will hopefully look back and remember that their mom enjoyed making their birthdays special in her own crazy way. Or rather, making their lives special in her own crazy way. And that her secret ingredient was always "LOVE".

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