Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DIY Alien Cups for a Space-themed Party

Life is Good: I channeled MacGuyver's mom!

Yep, more birthday talk! Recently, our big kid turned five and we celebrated with a space-themed party.

We had a ton of fun planning all of the activities and games for his friends together. We made decorations and conceptualized the goody bags. I loved watching his creative wheels turning and I cherished the time we spent together prepping for the party. It was a great way to teach him to plan ahead and talk about hospitality, sharing & generosity, and enjoying the experience of a birthday rather than focusing on the gift giving part.

As the party date got closer, we talked about our decorate-your-own cupcakes activity and he requested apple juice (a treat in our house...the rest of the time, it is water or milk). Fine. In "alien cups". Okay...

That seemed benign enough. Until a trip to Party City and Target proved that unless you are into Toy Story, alien/space/robot/planets cups are not gonna happen. So I put my creative problem-solving cape on and asked myself, "What would MacGuyver's mom do?".

The answer involved "alien green" paper cups from Party City...

Silver circle stickers that are supposed to be used with my monogram embosser...

A hole punch...
 And a green chenille stem (pipe cleaner to you old schoolers).

 I considered drawing black slits for "eyes" or adding googly eyes, but Coco Chanel once said that you should get dressed and then take one accessory off, so I likened skipping the "eyes" to that.

Take us to your leader!