Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Keeping Things Pleasant

Life is Good: be grateful for it!

Each day, I wake up and I thank God that I woke up and then I turn and look at our video monitor (quite possibly the greatest invention ever known to parents) and I thank God for our two little ones and that they are so very sweet and healthy. Part of that gratitude for waking up includes thanks for getting another day, another chance to try to live the way God wants for me, another opportunity to be the person who I am intended to be, who pleases Him, to make the most of the blessings bestowed upon me, and to let that light that shines within me spill out all over everyone I encounter.

Life is all about love and it's all about attitude. Sure, there will be certain kinds of days and certain kinds of people who will test you, but when you begin the day with gratitude and you focus on the goodness in everyone and everything, I believe it cloaks you with happiness and that utter joy shields you against any grimness that comes your way. Here's a "pleasant thought" for your day... 

"When we focus on what is good and beautiful in someone, whether or not we think that they "deserve" it, the good and beautiful are strengthened merely by the light of our attention." -Katrina Kenison



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