Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer in Minneapolis

Life is Good: it isn't winter in Minneapolis!

A lot of people who know me well ask me how I make it through the winters in Minnesota. After all, I am a beach baby! When I moved here, it was for a job and I told everyone I was staying for a year and then moving on. Well, the only moving I did was back and forth to a job that gave me a lot of big brand experience writing and producing TV spots. Minneapolis proved to be good for my career, so I stayed.

At our wedding, my husband (who moved from Florida to Minneapolis, so that means he is nuts!) and I told friends and family that as soon as we returned from our honeymoon in Maui, we were starting our job hunt to move out of state. And then my husband found a job he loves and my freelance career was more successful than I could hope and, well, we stayed. Minnesota has been good to us in that way and we are grateful.

The truth is that spring, summer, and fall are so incredibly gorgeous and lovely here that you forget how awful the winters can be! Kind of like how women forget the pain of childbirth...if they didn't, the world would cease to exist. So if it weren't for three glorious seasons, Minnesota would cease to exist? Ha!

But seriously, this is why we stay in Minneapolis...

This is our bike path. When we're riding around this lovely little lake, taking in some Vitamin D, gazing at the sun washing over boats bobbing up and down, winter feels a million months away. And so we stay.

And yes, then one morning in the middle of January, we wake up with icicles dripping off of our noses and scream, "Why are we still in Minnesota????!!!"

But for now, this is our reality and we will soak up every drop of it!

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