Saturday, August 31, 2013

Organization Tips

Life is Good: and back to being organized!

If you've checked out my Pinterest boards* today, you may have noticed that I have been looking for totes and bins and such. We've had a great summer filled with fun. However, the fun took up a lot of time and I feel like I haven't kept things as sorted and organized as I once did. And is it just me or has our stuff been procreating? It really appears that things have multiplied this summer! We had a place for everything once. How did this happen?

Two little people happened. Mmmhmmm. Mess makers. And hoarders! (At least the big kid is.) (And little does he know...his room is on my list. Including all of those "precious" little things of his. I thought I was so brilliant when I put a canvas shoe organizer over one of his doors to house little things. All it did was encourage him to keep little. thing. he. has. encountered. since!)

SO! This morning, Grant took the little boys to see the Dinosaurs! at the MN Zoo one last time before they leave for the season and I took to the walls trying out YET ANOTHER PAINT COLOR for the living and dining rooms. WHY OH WHY can't I find the perfect shade of blue grey or grey blue? I have taken pics and will write up a post one of these days soon so that if you are ever looking for paint, you can use my ongoing adventures as a little guide. Grant doesn't even comment on the color anymore! And I think my kids are getting used to living with patchwork walls. Uh oh. I think it may be five minutes before intervention time. I have told myself that this weekend is it. Both rooms must be painted and stay that way!

I've also been perusing bins and totes online and am happy to say that I have purchased what I need to in order to get this house back in order! I will have to go to four stores this afternoon, but the joy and giddiness I feel right now in anticipation of toys and artwork and everything else being hidden once again make it worth it! (Nerd alert! Nerd alert!)

I have developed a need to have things neat, clean and organized. This quote really speaks to me.

"Early in my career I felt that organization would destroy my creativity. Whereas now, I feel the opposite. Discipline is the foundation that allows you to be creative." (Verna Gibs)


Once I've sorted and stashed, I plan to write a back-to-school update post. I am so grateful to those of you who emailed, messaged, and shared my "night before" post with others. But before I can do that, I'll need to hug and kiss and sing along/play/read/dance/make lego creations/draw/paint/sculpt/drive cars/journey into space/make dinosaurs roar/go on a safari/play football and tee ball and basketball and much more with those two little blonde-haired boys, so it may take a while! Please keep checking back.I appreciate the support!

*PS: I'm now on Twitter, too! @HowtobePleasant

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