Monday, May 5, 2014


Life is Good: and brimming over!

Today is officially the end of what we call "Celebrationpalooza" at our house! For about a month, we celebrate a couple of birthdays, our anniversary, Easter, and more! Phew. It was a good, fun time, but I am a bit pooped!

Because I try to stay "in the moment", I am overdue to reply to quite a few emails. And I apologize if one of them is yours. If you emailed me at, thank you! I always appreciate your comments, facebook likes and posts, and emails. I will answer your email quickly this week! I promise!

Many of the emails were asking where I have been and why I haven't been posting as much. I kind of took Lent off to study "forgiveness". I am so glad that I did. I learned a lot. I am trying to decide if I should write about it. I know there are things I want to express to my kids. I just don't know if anyone else wants to hear about it! : ) And as I mentioned, since Easter, I have been giving every second to these trampoline, science, Easter, anniversary, husband-who-like-to-eat celebrations and there just hasn't been a millisecond to blog about it or anything else! But I will soon! I don't know if you should consider that a threat or a promise! ; )

Thanks, again, to everyone who emailed me and also to everyone who reads this little blog. I continue to be amazed that anyone besides my mom is interested! : )

Happy Monday!

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