Friday, February 19, 2016

When Mom has a Hangover

Life is Good: Even with a Hangover

I have a mom hangover this morning. What's a "mom hangover", you ask? Many of the same symptoms of the hangover you are used to---headache, puffy eyes, stuffy nose, did I mention headache?, and that overall "I want to stay in bed with the covers pulled over my head for at least a month" feeling---but this time, induced by momming (my word, you can use it).

Yesterday, I mommed like crazy---all the typical things like getting kids up and fed and on to their days. (Yes, I'm skipping the "is everything in your backpack?", "I can't find my green not THAT green hat, my FAVORITE green hat, I can't go to school without this EXACT green hat", baby brother wants to be held instead of letting mommy get everyone ready for school and more drama.) Anyhoo, I mommed with the best of them yesterday--laundry done, baked goods in the oven, emails answered and written, lists made and items checked off, a half day at the big kid's school to do a special class project (great kids, they were a joy), a chat with the big kid's teacher (he's doing well, is silly & happy, and has lots of friends...phew), work, a work meeting, a playdate that involved SIX boys! SIX! It was testosterone-fueled cuteness including our littlest who kept getting in our friend's 8-mth old's face to say, "HI!" (Our third is officially mine. Sigh.)

But that wasn't the end of the day. After dinner, there were basement obstacle courses, a board game or two, a chase or three into putting on pajamas (the little kid), bedtime reading (we just started The Secret Garden...I can't wait for spring any longer)...And, of course, a bedtime conversation about what suicide is and why Meriwether Lewis shot himself (Thanks to a book about Sacagewea.) because growing brains don't have a pause button for moms who've had long days. Grant looked at me with big, surprised eyes and took the little kid and the baby into another room. I said a silent prayer and then employed the Susie Formula for answering tough questions---keep to the science & keep it simple. I explained that because of very little credible documentation, we aren't 100% certain about Lewis' death. He could have been shot by someone, he could have accidentally shot himself..."The book said he intentionally shot himself. Why would he do that?" Deep breath, silent prayer, remember: science & simple. And then, in short sentences, I explained that sometimes people's minds get sick just like bodies get sick. Maybe Lewis had a mental illness that confused his brain. I repeated this thought in a couple of different ways and then, silence.

So I'm telling myself. Be quiet. Don't complicate things. Be quiet. Wait for him to speak. And then the big kid says, "Okay I have one more thing..." Ugh. Please, Lord, give me the words.

"You will never believe what Sophia did today at school!" And breathe outtttttttttttt. (Thank you, God!)

A few more reports about school and I thought I was close to putting a pin in what had been a very full, caffeine-free day (yes! I totally forgot to have coffee. That is mom hangover-inducing on its own let alone my many tasks and adventures!). And then, as I turned the light from dim to off, the big kid declared, "I changed my mind. I do want to dress up tomorrow for "dress like your favorite book character day".


I will skip the part where it was well past his bedtime and I had been asking this kid for three days to pick a book character so that we could put together a costume and how he kept saying that he didn't want to participate (which is totally out of character, so I should have seen this coming) and that I hate hate hate doing things at the last minute!!!

So I ask him who the character is. Danny Dragonbreath. Okay, Susie. You're a creative problem-solver. You can do this. People pay you to do this.


Then I put on my invisible super hero cape and thinking cap, channeled MacGyver's mom, and, by the grace of God, my brain was still functioning well enough to remember that we have a dragon costume (that fits our 4-yr old) with a separate dragon head. Danny wears a black t-shirt = check. Now, a tail. Enter green grosgrain ribbon and my best friend the hot glue gun. Costume complete. Thank you, thank you, thank you, God.

As tired as I was, I awakened often last night. This extrovert got too many shots of other people's energy yesterday. So when the alarm went off this morning, the pounding of the mom hangover began.

Grant was already off to work but had left a full pot of coffee waiting for me. (Swoon.) It was just the remedy I needed since everyone woke up earlier than usual. Deeeeeeeeep sigh.

I think my mom hangover is beginning to dissipate. Sure, the coffee helped. But no doubt it has been the early morning of snuggles, smiles, giggles, hugs & kisses and the adorableness of a 7-year old dragon bouncing onto the bus that was the real antidote.

It's supposed to be 46 degrees in Minnesota today. It's raining right now and the droplets appear to be washing the snow away. WOW!
Happy Friday!

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