Friday, September 27, 2013

Best House Cleaning and Organizing Tips

Life is Good: Pinterest is here!

I often say that I would have made a terrible pioneer! I rely on technology of too many kinds for too many things. Something the pioneers definitely did not have is Pinterest!

I will admit that I am not a Pinterest aficionado by any means. I don't make much time for it and I haven't told all of my friends that I am on Pinterest or how to find me and such. I don't spend hours perusing the web and noting all of my terrific finds. But I appreciate those who do! And I have grown to like Pinterest especially for the info that it opens my eyes to. Most notably, cleaning and organizing tips!

Here are some of my recent favorites:
How do you clean in between the glass in the door of your oven? Oh, my! I have been trying to figure this one out forevah! And boy, did I feel dumb when this post showed me how easy it really is!

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And here's another DUH! moment: this post shows a great way to store important papers, pieces, and pictures from your child's school years using an accordion file. I've been using single file folders to store the papers we receive each day. Then, I go through them every week or so and take pics of the stuff I throw away, but I am left with the stuff I want to keep and have just been shoving them into a pretty box in the big kid's room. Now, I am going to trot myself off to pick up an accordion file. I think I will use one for all of the months of the year and then condense it down yearly.

This post not only told me WHY some of our pillows get yellow areas on them (it's from sweat! and surprise! surprise! my husband's pillow is the one that yellows!) (oops...sorry for the TMI, honey!) but also told me how to clean the pillow to get that yellow stain off and refresh it! Yay!

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I've been painting a TON lately! And I am usually pretty good about cleaning out my brushes in a timely fashion. But one day, the two year old awakened early and my brush didn't get cleaned up enough. After it dried, I went to put it away in the "painting stuff" bin and it was hard as a rock. This post told me how to get those hard brushes soft again!

I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me! I find that I am able to relax and enjoy myself best when everything is tidy and in its place! 

"A place for everything and everything in its place!" (Benjamin Franklin)

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