Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sins of the Supermarket

Life is Good: and so are Pringles!

Oh, I did it. I committed the greatest sin known to man. I went to the grocery store hungry. And right before lunch, to boot.

I got all of the intrinsically healthy foods that were on my list. Organic fruits and veggies and proteins. Organic milk, cheese, and yogurt, yogurt, yogurt. Heart-smart, sensible, nutritious foods.

And then, I started circling the middle aisles---the ones I never stroll through when my grocery visits are properly-timed. Circling like a shark around its prey. Oreos, Fritos, Wheat Thins. Pop Tarts! I forgot about those! Hot chocolate mix looks good. Hmmmm. Candy Bars. Miniature ones. But they don't make your behind look miniature, do they? Just then, the wheel on the grocery cart locked a little--just long enough to wake me up from my gaze.  Carrie Underwood's "Jesus, take the wheel" started to play in my head. And phew! I kept walking. Past the snacks, out of the middle aisles. Straight to the checkout. Crisis averted. Kind of. (See below.)

In other news, Reduced Fat Pringles are delicious!

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