Thursday, December 5, 2013

Quotes about Kindness

Life is Good: don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Sorry to be vague, but to protect the identity of the innocent (and the guilty), I will say that...I had an experience this week that brought me to this notion:
Kindness and unkindness are both like boomerangs. Whatever you put out there, comes back to you.

I just can't wrap my brain around why some people choose to be snippy, rude, unkind, and mean instead of just being kind. Let me tell you, kindness is easier! It takes a whole lot more thought and energy to be unkind. And my guess is that it doesn't make you feel any better inside either.

And the biggest exclamation mark of all is that I am not talking about a situation involving my five-year old! Nope. I am referring to a(n) adult(s). It seems like such a waste of life. We only get so much breathing time, after all.

I was noodling over this thought when I scrolled down my Facebook news feed and saw this from Momastery:

I LOVE IT! It's true! If you are snarky on Facebook, rude in a text, short in an email, judgmental on Twitter or a whole host of other offenses, Jeff Foxworthy might say... might (not) be kind. Or something like that! And like I said in this post, "Words come out quickly and there is no taking them back. When you put them out into the world, you have no control over what others will do with them. So you better be sure of every syllable." None of us are perfect. But I don't think it is aiming too high when we aim to be perfectly kind.

And then I remembered a couple of quotes I had saved to my pinterest boards. This one is great for not giving too much thought or attention to meanies:


This one goes hand in hand with my boomerang idea...


And this. This is such a great mantra. Don't give awful people your power and don't let them harden your heart either...

I can't control other people's actions. And I certainly can't make sense of it when those actions come from a place of darkness. But I can choose my own "weapons" carefully. And I choose kindness. Every time.

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