Monday, January 2, 2017

Top Pinterest Posts

Life is Good: I'm feeling better!

Admittedly, I don't usually admit to being sick. (See what I did there? wink!) But this past month really threw me for a loop and so, the past couple of days, our last ones of winter break, I have been trying to spend more time resting. It was a bit easier to do this since the kids had lots of new toys to keep them busy! ; ) But of course, I was bummed that we didn't do some of the fun cooking & art activities that I had planned. Next weekend!

So while I was attempting to lounge, I caught up on some reading and visited my old friend, Pinterest.  Here are a few things I pinned:

A whole lotta Valentine's Day school party craft ideas. Like this one

And you know I love me some QUOTES! ; )

There are a ton of great quotes on this site.

I've also been pinning a bunch of Lego builds like this one. Because they occupy our world so much now, we might as well change our last name to Lego!

And of course I'm pinning ideas for a trip to London with the kiddos, organizational stuff, and recipes I want to try to convert to eggless. If you want to see everything I've been pinning, just go here

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