Saturday, November 5, 2016

Gratitude for Mothers

Life is Good: my mom is the best!

Day 4 of my month of gratitude
I'm behind in my posting again. It's not out of the ordinary for me to be chasing a to-do list. And today's gratitude is dedicated to the one who taught me all about writing lists---my ultimate list maker mama. Happy birthday to the most loving, supportive, generous lady I know. 

When people ask why I do the crazy things I do, they need to look no further than my mom, the one who, throughout my childhood, changed her purse and nail polish every morning to match her outfit, the one who once made a Halloween costume out of chicken wire and thousands---literally thousands---of paper napkins. She's the one who once made a set of birthday cakes for me---the big bad wolf, each of the three little pigs, plus the houses they built. She's the one who sewed the dresses I drew because I wanted something different than everyone else, the one who makes ninja turtle-shaped cookies or teddy bears or baseballs & bats or whatever my kids are infatuated with at the time. 

She's the most creative, industrious, capable lady I know. She's the strongest, too. She knows only the unconditional kind of love--oftentimes to her detriment. She's forgiving beyond measure. She's generous with both her time and her spirit. And she's the epitome of the phrase, "If you can think it, you can do it."

I can only hope that one day my children will use the words, "supportive, empowering, and gracious" about me. If they do, it's because I learned from the best.

Happy birthday, mom. I'm so glad that God let me pick you to be my mom. 

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