Wednesday, November 2, 2016

How To Be Grateful Day 2

Life is Good: say it!

So grateful for this dude here. Every year, he just asks where his costume is and puts it on. No complaints, no sighs. Because it's for the kids (and a little bit for me) and it is so very obvious each day how much he loves being a daddy. 

So grateful for all of the plane rides, car drives, and places discovered together...often with him carrying one of the kids!

I'm so grateful that he rode the zip line with the Big Kid so I didn't have to!

And that he runs. So that I don't have to! ; )

So grateful that family picnics by the lake are more exciting to him than hobbies that take him away from our family.

I'm grateful that he is always up for driving. And Mexican Food. And will never turn down sushi.

And for that one time...when I was on bedrest for almost a month. And I called him from the doctor's office with the news...crying...because I didn't know how our family was going to survive. And he said not to fret because we could figure it out. And he held down the fort.(in his own way. wink.) And we, in fact, survived.

And for all of the times that he indulges my need to take (excessive, some would say) photographs...

I have so many reasons to be grateful for Grant. My favorite thing, quite possibly, my most grateful, is his role as daddy to these three never-a-dull-moment little boys. Life is good!

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