Friday, November 15, 2013

A Day Full of Gratitude

Life is Good: it's been a great day!

Month of Gratitude, Day Fifteen

Today has been a great day. I am grateful for many things:

1. Waking up to forty degrees because on a November morning in Minnesota, it could be so much colder!

2. A sweet, silly two-year old's pretend conversation between a Little People lizard and a squishy frog that included the words, "Rock chalk, KU!"

3. Sunshine, a 54 degree afternoon, and a five-year old who bounces off of the bus with a smile.

4. The delivery of my Bon Appetit magazine--the only subscription I have. Thank you for the inspiration and excitement to try some new recipes.

5. Leftovers for dinner. I'm inspired to start cooking...tomorrow!

6. A husband who, upon arrival home at the end of the day, makes sure to kiss me hello before he does anything else.

7. A phone call with my mom discussing nothing important at all, but rather just to hear the sound of her voice.

8. Clementines. Need I say more?

9. It's almost Friday night. Oh, how I love Friday nights! They mean family time. They mean friends. They mean dinners out. They mean staying up late because there is no work tomorrow. They mean tomorrow is Saturday morning. They mean Fashion Police on the Tivo. They mean the end of the work week and no school tomorrow. They mean the start of the weekend!

10. Music on the radio today: Kelly Clarkson, The Wanted, REO Speedwagon, The Killers, Mumford & Sons, Pink, and Taylor Swift (don't judge).


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