Saturday, November 23, 2013

Girls Night Out

Life is Good: viva la cheesecake!

Month of Gratitude, Day 23

Last night, I went out for a "Girl's Night Out" with a couple of old friends and a couple of new friends. It was a nice time. We ate a yummy dinner and talked about everything from college to karaoke to earrings made from lost teeth. I know, I know...

I returned home to find what may or may not have been a level one hurricane. Or just a lot of fun. And a report that something had occurred resulting in the two-year old needing his hair washed before bed time. Don't ask. I wish I hadn't.

It was a fun night with the girls. And I was happy to come home to two sleeping cherubs and a welcoming husband.

And this morning? A half of a piece of cheesecake leftover from last night that reminds me


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