Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thank Goodness for Little Boys

Life is Good: with gratitude to our youngest

Month of Gratitude, Day Seven

Today and every day, I am grateful for being a mother. It is my greatest thrill. It is my biggest source of joy. What I believe will be my most important work in life and my greatest contribution to the world. It is truly my purpose.

Today, I focus my gratitude on our precious little one, affectionately known around here as "Mister T".

Oh, you are a persistent one, aren't you? You are unstoppable. Seemingly, invincible. And boy, you get stuff done. I love your determined attitude. You have absolutely no idea that your age or size or anything else should prohibit you from doing anything. Anything. Absolutely anything. This super power will serve you well, I imagine.

I love the mischievous sparkle in your eyes, your sheepish, stinkerish expressions, and that you walk into a room and make friends with everyone you see. Your smile beams like sunshine. All proof you have your granddad's DNA.

Right now is an extraordinary time in your development. I love how you talk as if you are sharing your every thought and feeling in real time. I get it, kid. We're two of a kind, that's true. The word in spanish is, "Simpatico". Maybe it's because we share a birth month, a zodiac sign. Maybe it is because you spent ten months in the womb with me. Whatever it is, I am grateful for your words and can't wait for all of the conversations we will share!

I will never get tired of hearing you sing. You are the sweetest sounding duet partner a mama could ask for. When my voice cracks, it is from an overwhelming sense of joy that you are here on this earth with me. If tears appear, it is because I am simultaneously saying silent prayers of gratitude. The blessing that you are is nearly impossible to explain in words. If I miss a word or two, it is to hold back giggles. I'm not laughing at you, but rather reveling in the sweetness of the sound, the moment.

You are quick to smile, to laugh. Your love of all things art is so exciting to me. I love to watch you draw...such intensity. I am always amazed to hear you tell me what you are drawing. You always seem to have a vision and a goal. Paint seems to be your medium. The mere sight of a paint brush makes you effervescent.

You love to build and uncover how things work. It's been that way since I can remember. I might guess that you would be an engineer when you grow up. After you've made it as a rock star, of course.

You have a sweetness that seems to radiate out of you. Friends and strangers alike comment on it. Am I gushing? Shouldn't all mamas adore their children so?

I am so very glad that you are a part of our family. God knew exactly what He was doing when he brought you to us. It is an honor to be your parent. It is a blessing to be your mama. It is a joy to be your playmate.

I treasure each moment with you, my little one.

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