Friday, November 22, 2013

Thank Goodness for Little Boys II

Life is Good: I have sunshine on a cloudy day


Month of Gratitude, Day Twenty-two


My dearest Big Kid,
You and your brother are my sunshine. It's true. You are the brightness and warmth in my days. You ooze love and shine happiness and make any old day extraordinary. Your daddy and I are so much more fulfilled because you and your brother exist. Today, and everyday, I am grateful for how you have touched our lives.

I love how big your eyes get when you realize we are listening to a Paul McCartney or John Lennon solo on the radio and you shriek, "It's one of The Beatles!!!" I love how you crack up so easily. Your laughter is easy and infectious. And your dimple. Courtesy of my Grandma. She would have gotten a real kick out of you.

I am amazed by your imagination, your creativity, your ingenuity, your inventions, your curiosity, and the silliness that drips from everything that you do. I am awed by some of the creations you make and how you use the most everyday things to execute some exceptional ideas. Hold on to that skill and continue to hone it. Keep dreaming and doing. Never stop "playing" and daydreaming. If you can think it, you can do it. So keep thinking and keep trying. This is a real gift. I am excited to see how it will serve you as you grow.

You are so thoughtful and sensitive. And oh, so tender. You notice things that others overlook. You have a desperate need to "understand". I'm afraid you get a lot of this from me, dear one. Our strengths are often our weaknesses, too. It is my aim and goal to teach you how to use these pieces of your personality to love people and not let them hurt yourself.

I love your long legs--exact duplicates of your daddy's. They looked like long, frog's legs when you were a newborn. Now, they look more like stilts--ladders to that deep heart and big, always thinking brain of yours.

I am amazed that you always wake up happy. It's always been that way. Ever since you were born. I pray it will always be that way. The way you start the day has so much to do with the way you feel throughout the rest of it.

You just can't understand why kids would be mean to other kids. You are baffled by intentional unkindness. You have such a pure, loving heart. Don't let anyone change that. Never betray who you are. And remember our family rule--"Everything (done) with kindness."

You are so sweet. Truly. Your unsolicited hugs and "I love yous" mean the world to me. You are full of energy and smiles. You are a loving brother. You can tell the silliest stories! You have excellent rhythm, too---you started tapping your toe to music at five-months old! And that's fortunate, since you tell us that you and your little brother will someday have a band called, "Spider Sock".

One of my favorite joys is to hear you tell me that I am your best friend. I know that others will claim that title someday, but I hope I always remain in your inner circle. That you always feel you can talk to me. About anything. I might not always like what I hear, but I will always love you.

Am I going a little overboard? Of course not. Every mama should adore her child this much and more.

Oh, my precious one. Words cannot express deeply enough the impact you have made on our lives, the imprint you have made on my heart. You have introduced me to my purpose---motherhood. I used to live life looking forward, but now, I live in the moment because "right now"--no matter where that is-- is the best time of our lives. Nothing else is more rewarding than accompanying you and your brother on the road of life. May we have all the time we want together and may the bumps in the road be small and short-lived and the curves and swerves be full of fun.

I love you dearly.

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