Monday, November 4, 2013

Gratitude for Mothers

Life is Good: it's my mom's birthday!

Month of Gratitude, Day Four

Today is my mom's birthday! Miles separate us, but she is always near me for she inhabits a place in both my heart and my head. I feel her love. I hear her voice. Today and every day, I am grateful for my mother.

Everyone thinks that their mom is the best, right? But my mom really is! ; ) My mom epitomizes the words, "unconditional love". She is quick to help and easy to forgive. She is creative and innovative, talented and energetic, and there is no skill she cannot learn, no idea she cannot manage to bring to fruition. My mom has accomplished much in her life, but I would dare to say that she is most proud that she has raised both a son and a daughter who call her their best friend. 

I often say that the words, "thank you" just seem too flimsy for the gratitude I hold for you. I thank you for your support. It is apparent--when you agree, when you understand, when you feel the same. But it is also obvious when you question, when you wonder, when you worry, when you disagree. The support, the love, the dedication is still abundant. I thank you for your example---the kindness and care you show to your closest friends and strangers alike, the patience you show whether that means waiting or indulging or remaining quiet.

I'm not sure many people are aware of some of your most admirable qualities. For example, that you have taken people in, dusted them off, and nursed them back to health. Literally. And figuratively. That you've been the caring, understanding voice on the phone when everyone else scattered. That you've been willing to stand in the shadows, letting others take credit and praise. You put everyone's needs before your own. And do it quietly. You show so much grace. And yet, the ones you show the most grace to...have no idea. Because you are so good at it.

You are our matriarch. You keep our family functioning. You are holidays. You are celebrations. You are our glue. You are our heart.

We may not share the same personality. I take up a lot of air in the room and you are focused and intent. I am quick to speak and you sometimes never do. We do not have the same taste! I could list a million examples of how different we are. But none of those differences matter as much as what we share in common. Our hearts. You shared yours with me from the minute I was in the womb. And I carry a piece of your heart with me everywhere I go. Your heart, full of love and acceptance, support and endurance. Your heart brimming over with compassion, open wide with forgiveness. Your heart is intertwined with mine. Forever. For always. No matter what separates us, we cannot be separated.

On this day and every day, I am so grateful for a mother who has set such a loving example.

Happy birthday, mama!

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