Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Photographs and Memories

Life is Good: and we're documenting it

Month of Gratitude, Day 13

Today, I am grateful for this photograph...

I'm grateful for our family and the children who make Halloween and all of the rest of the holidays more enjoyable, magical, wondrous, meaningful, and just plain fun.

I am grateful for my husband who did not say a word when I informed him that we would be dressing like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Halloween. I didn't have to beg or plead. And when October 31st came, he put on that turtle shell and mask and smiled.

I always say that last year's photo from Halloween proved that Grant loves me...
Last year was the first time I'd asked him to don face paint and wear itchy raffia-lined clothes. And I asked him to do it several times---for a party, for the big kid's school celebration, and of course, Halloween. So he did it. And I loved him for it. And so did our kiddos.

I guess this year's photo proves how much we love our kids. Those costumes were warm, but oh, so unflattering. Grant and I both looked pregnant (from either side!) with a padded shell on our backs and a padded undershell on our fronts. But it was the big kid's brainchild. From all the way back in September. And we were happy to oblige. I am grateful for his sharp mind and creativity. So I went to work researching what Ninja Turtles look like and turned to my friends, felt and hot glue (plus a little fabric glue) to make four (kind of) Ninja Turtles in varying shapes and sizes.

I am grateful for this photo and the friends who took the picture. I am grateful that they invited us to their house to celebrate together. And for the fellowship of the night. I am grateful that my children have their children. We are blessed by their friendship, more family than friends.

I am grateful for the little person in the front of the photograph, who joined our family and dived right in. He is always up for an adventure. As long as it includes sunglasses, goggles, or a mask...

I give thanks for this picture of a family just happy to be together. A foursome who love each other and like being around each other. We love going to extraordinary places and doing extraordinary things, but we also can make the ordinary feel extraordinary...just by being together. I am grateful for the moment. And for the memory.

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