Thursday, November 21, 2013

How to Eat Quinoa with Gratitude

Life is Good: I've found gold!

Month of Gratitude, Day 21

Remember yesterday's post about the little things? Well, today I am grateful for a little (big) thing. I feel like I just scaled a mountain or finished a marathon (or some other great feat that I know I will never actually accomplish because I could care less about stuff like that).

Today, I am grateful that I discovered the way to get my kids to eat quinoa without whining. Ready? Got your pen and paper? Because you will want to write this down. CHEESE! Who knew? A little bit of parmesan cheese and that grassy taste that takes even adults a little while to get used to just goes away. Our two-year old devoured his. Eureka! Everybody eats a healthy dinner and I sigh with relief! Thank you very much!

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