Monday, November 18, 2013

Double the Gratitude

Life is Good: times two!

Month of Gratitude, Day 16 and 17

This weekend was a good one. But aren't all weekends great? Since the big kid is now in kindergarten, I cherish our weekends even more. It's family time.

This weekend was a cozy one. It was jut the four of us. Nowhere to speed off to, no one to fling the door open with a big "Hello!" and "Welcome!" And don't get me wrong...I love to run off to the museum and utterly enjoy hosting brunch. But this weekend was just about us and that was lovely in its own tiny, intimate sort of way.

I am grateful for a slow Saturday morning and kids in their jammies until noon. I'm grateful for the easiness that the overcast morning brought. The coziness of the grey skies. For kiddos sprawled out, drawing Ninja Turtles (or course) and Buzz Lightyear on the floor. And the giggles. Times a million.

And I'm grateful for our friend who came to hang out (we don't say "babysitter'!) with the little ones so that Grant and I could do some fall cleaning in our basement. Whew! That felt good.  Then we hurried off to try out The 5-8 Club's Juicy Lucy. It's taken us a decade of living here, but we've now sampled the Juicy Lucy from both places that claim to have invented it--The 5-8 Club and Matt's Bar. We tried the latter just this past summer during our family time/staycation.

I didn't eat the Matt's Bar Juicy Lucy. I ordered a hamburger. And yes, the server looked at me like I was an alien. So I went ahead and ordered the Juicy Lucy at The 5-8 Club, for fear of being publicly ostracized. (Not really.) And no, there was no way I could eat the entire thing.

It was a quick meal and not our "usual" kind of dining experience. But it was nice to be together. To talk without little people interrupting. It was a nice, little moment for which I am grateful.

Grant determined The 5-8 Club the winner. He added that the onion rings sealed the deal. I will add that the atmosphere at The 5-8 Club is better, too! Both places are small, so expect to wait in line for a table.

Sunday brought more family time, for which I am always thankful. I felt a little icky, so I spent the morning willing myself healthy. I tried out a new recipe for homemade (eggless) doughnuts. The three men in the house approved. I think it needs some work. I'll post it went I have tried it out a couple more times and tweaked the recipe.  I am so grateful that neither of us has to leave our family to go work somewhere on the weekends. And that my husband is an eager participant in my kitchen experiments. He is both easy to please and appreciative of the meals that I cook. And I am thankful for that.

After a month of first, Grant getting sick with a virus that turned into pneumonia and then our littlest one getting sick with a virus that turned into pneumonia, I'm grateful that everyone is in good health. I'm grateful for the basic blessings of food, indoor plumbing, a warm home on a rainy day, and good, clean water. I try not to take those things for granted. And I pray for those throughout the world who don't have these same essentials.

It was a sweet, simple weekend. More and more, I realize how much our family needs these slowed down times to balance us out. This doesn't mean that my enthusiasm for go-go-going is waning! I'm just trying to get the scale a little more centered. After all, that's one of my jobs. I set the pace and tone for our family. So I aim to keep things joyful, balanced, and...pleasant! ; )

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